Shoo Fly Shoo

A picnic.
A picnic under a tree.
A picnic just for me…

If only it was that simple. Just when you’re about to enjoy your picnic, an unwanted visitor comes along.

Shoo Fly Shoo is my first children’s book! It’s a simple, short story ideal for toddlers and young readers. I wrote this book to be an encouragement to young readers. It’s really easy to read.

It’s so easy, my kindergarten student reads it to my 3 year old!

But it’s not just an easy read. There’s a sweet story as our little guys just wants to have a picnic. Will he get to eat in peace?

Download Shoo Fly Shoo and find out!

To download, Shoo Fly Shoo, click on the cover graphic and you will be taken to the Shoo Fly Shoo Amazon page. Thank you.

Shoo Fly Shoo

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Coming Soon!

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