My Name is Blue

My Name is Blue is the first in a series of children’s books that help and encourage children to learn and explore the world around them. In each book of the series, children will learn a different color while being challenged to look for that color in the place they live.

Unique to this series, children are encouraged to be creative and share a drawn picture of where they see the colors they learn. Their pictures can be shared on our special website dedicated to the Color Series.

My Name is Blue, is all about the color blue. Children are encouraged to learn and look for the color blue in around where they live.

Here at, we have set up a special page where children, with a parent’s permission and help, can look at their art work and the work of others. Simply click on the link for, The Colors Series, Artwork!

Also unique to this series, Jay has chosen to use various shapes to create the artwork for each book. Feel free to use the page in the back to introduce your child to some of the shapes they have seen while reading.

Check out The Colors Series!

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