Genesis 2&3 Works. Sin. Redemption.

We continued into the third week of our series, Genesis, tackling chapters 2&3. There's a lot going on in these 2 chapters. From the Garden of Eden to the fall to the promise of redemption. Take a few minutes and watch this weeks teaching video. Thanks for watching! Please leave your comments below! jay

Broken Together – Casting Crowns

This song just hammered me. I mean, it is crushing me. Almost in tears I am. There are a lot of songs written for a husband and a wife, but this one is one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a while. Casting Crowns, Broken Together, from their 2014 release, Thrive, is … Continue reading Broken Together – Casting Crowns

3 Goals for 2015

I don't do resolutions. They don't work. Little promises made to ones self are as easy to break as hitting the snooze button when you've told yourself your getting up early to get in a quick workout. It just doesn't work. So instead of resolutions, I like the idea of setting yearly goals. Little things … Continue reading 3 Goals for 2015

When the One Kneels With the Many

Repost... As part of my blog upgrade, I am moving and repost some of my most read blog posts. "When the One Kneels With the Many, by far, has been thus far, my most read post. As of this repost, 1,101 reads! Thanks. Originally Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014. This morning, hundreds of thousands … Continue reading When the One Kneels With the Many