Organic Worship

*I was chatting via Facebook with some friends about worship in the church, primarily, the current look, feel, and condition of the musical worship. It made me think about worship and what it looks like for the church. More importantly, it caused me to ask the question, What does my worship look like? A while back I posted a 5 day series about worship that focused the idea of being moved by lyrics and a desire to honor and be in the presence of God not but staging, lighting, and production. Because I posted the series on a different site that I operated and have since shut down, I want to post them here and pursue a deeper discussion about worship.

So below is the first post. I will come back later and offer some additional thoughts regarding organic worship.

Originally posted on 08/25/2014.


Organic Worship. Simple. Powerful.

Lately I’ve been taken by a worship that is what I call, organic worship. Not led by studio professional artists. Minus the big band. No stage shows. Not a performance. Just the heart of the worshipper, crying out to the Creator, in a deep and rich way. I’ve been trying to learn some new worship music to broaden my library. In doing so, I’ve stumbled across a few voices that offer a fresh new sound. But more than just talented musicians, I am finding a new passion for God’s people to strip away what entertains and simply focus on what worship is really all about; a heart crying out to praise, honor, and love the Father.

This week on the blog I want to share with you a few of the videos I’ve found. But I don’t want to only expose you to an artist. I want to encourage you to find your heart of worship. Strip everything away and simply get lost in the opportunity to worship God.

Meet Sarah Reeves. You can find Sarah on her YouTube channel called, Sarah Reeves Music. You can also find her on her website at, Below I am sharing her cover of Holy Spirit and Set a Fire. Take a few minutes this Monday to worship.

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