Broken Together – Casting Crowns

This song just hammered me. I mean, it is crushing me. Almost in tears I am.

There are a lot of songs written for a husband and a wife, but this one is one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a while. Casting Crowns, Broken Together, from their 2014 release, Thrive, is a song that has pierced my selfish and prideful heart and left it in complete ruins.

No marriage is perfect. We have our ups and down. These first 2 weeks of the new year have been up. But this third week of January has become a down. I was sitting at my desk this morning, when Broken Together was played on the radio. Immediately, God touched my heart, and I saw just how horrible I had been.

Today, I want to encourage every husband and every wife to watch the video and listen to the lyrics. (And I mean, really listen!) What you have with your spouse, the promises you made, and the hope for a better tomorrow all rest in God’s perfect love.

Fight for your marriage. Be broken before each other and the God who heals the brokenness.

To my amazing bride, I’m sorry.

  • jay

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