3 Goals for 2015

blog feature graphics.004I don’t do resolutions. They don’t work. Little promises made to ones self are as easy to break as hitting the snooze button when you’ve told yourself your getting up early to get in a quick workout. It just doesn’t work. So instead of resolutions, I like the idea of setting yearly goals. Little things that I can do throughout the year without the let down that comes when you fail to keep your year-long resolution to loose weight after the second week of the new year.

Goals are things to work towards. Not expectation that we put on ourselves. So as we begin 2015, I have a few goals. Today I’m share three of them with you.

1. Date Amy More…
I love spending one on one time with Amy. But over the last couple of years, finding time to have dinner, catch a movie, do a little shopping, or just hang out together minus the kids. So this year, I am setting the goal of dating Amy a little more than last year. The goal? Well, honestly, I’d like to do it every week, but I know that that is not a reality yet. But twice a month sounds like a reasonable possibility. So here’s to dating Amy more.

2. Date My Kids More…
In recent years, Amy and I have tried to spend one on one time with each of our kids. When we were in Somerset we did this fairly well. However, like spending time just Amy and I, these last couple of years have been a littel more difficult. There is a huge blessing that comes from spending time with our kids in a one on one setting. It’s valuable time used for connecting, laughing, and enjoying each one and their unique personalities. This year, I want to try to spend just a little more time with each one.

3. Spend More Time with God…
Over the years I have come to love my time with God. I was fortunate to have some time off between Christmas day and January 4th. While we were away, we had the opportunity to worship in an amazing church in Jacksonville, Florida. Being on the other side of the pulpit, I was reminded of just how important it is to have time with God. To be in his presence. To sit and dwell in his word. And that’s what I hope to do this year, to spend more time in the presence of God.

That’s it, three of my goals for 2015. Date Amy more. Date my kids more. And spend more time with God.

How about you? What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Do you set goals, write a resolution, or create a bucket list? Take a minute and share your 2015 hopes in the comments below!

Happy 2015!

  • jay

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