Countdown to Christmas

imagesCA2DLUYQAre you ready? Are you?

We are 12 days from Christmas morning. Are you ready?

Here’s why I ask. Men are notorious for being the “last minute Christmas Eve shopper.” That’s right. We wait till the very last minute to go shopping. And what are we left with? The left overs. More the question? What are our wives left with?

This might not apply to ALL men, but for a great many of us, Christmas shopping is something that we too often put of until it’s all most too late. Many of us run out on Christmas Eve, frantically hoping to find the items that our wives have been hinting about for months. We run from store to store, up and down the isles, looking for that one item that seems to be absent from the shelves in every store around. Then panic sets in. You refuse to allow a Christmas with no gifts. So what do we do? We buy whatever we can find.

Read more here, Countdown to Christmas.

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