PA School Adds Tight Pants to Banned Clothing Policy

This morning I came across a short article published by our local news outlet, The article announces that a local school district has added leggings and yoga pants to their list of clothing no longer allowed to be worn by students.

The article reads…

Students in a western Pennsylvania school district are deep breathing a sigh of relief after learning a rumored ban on yoga pants proved untrue.

The Sharon Herald reported Wednesday that the district sent out a letter to students entering grades 8 through 12. It says yoga and other tight pants require a long shirt or tunic-like top that reaches to a girl’s fingers when her arms are down.

The paper says school board member Paul Paoletta told administrators he’s been barraged with questions about the supposed ban.

Paoletta says some girls “don’t know how to wear them,” and are revealing more than they should.

The policy also applies to leggings, leotards and other tight apparel.

Click on the link here to see the article on it’s home site. Pa. school warns students to cover up leggings, yoga pants.

What do you think? Good move?

Share your comments below.

Youth Workers, I’d like to hear from you. Are you running into the problem of girls wear tight yoga pants to your youth gatherings? Has it been a problem? What are you doing about it? Or is this something that’s being blown out of portion? Share your thoughts below.

– jay

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