How much internet access have you given to your child?

happy-birthday-internetHow much internet access have you given to your child?

Have you thought about that lately?

It wasn’t but a few years ago that the “experts” were cautioning parents to be careful about the amount of time kids were spending sitting in front of a computer surfing the internet. Depending on who you listened to, the warnings suggested that time limits, ranging from one hour to a couple of hours, be put into place.

But that was a couple of years ago. The warnings were for computers. Today, a computer is just one of the multitude of devices that come with internet access. The short list…smart phones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, gaming consoles such as Xbox and PS2, the portable gaming devices like DSi, TV’s. Again, this is the short list. Think of all the devices similar to these products.

On top of the devices, think about how many businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, hardware stores, libraries, and offices provide free wifi access. You can even get online in some cities who have already provided wifi connectivity throughout their their business and shopping districts. No longer is our internet connection limited to our homes.

I remember making the comment a number of years ago that it was only a matter of time before internet access was everywhere. And now, it’s just about everywhere.

So where have the warnings gone? Is there anyone still cautioning parents to limit internet access with their children? Are we even worried about the amount of internet access available?

As a society, we have moved from the agonizing dial-up to an almost constant connection with the world wide web.

So, let me ask the question. Parents, how much internet access have you given to your child? Do you think about it, ever? From the computer to the tablet to the gaming systems to the iPhone they carry around in their pocket, how many devices do your children have that grant them access to the internet?

How do manage the amount of internet access your children have?

Share your thoughts, restrictions, suggests, and comments below. And be part of this discussion about children and internet access.

– jay

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