Jay Higham Media, LLC Announces a NEW BLog

In January 2013, I started a company that could help small businesses and churches navigate the rapidly grow expanse know as the internet and social media. It’s hard to believe, but there are still a lot of small businesses and ministries that haven’t plugged into world wide web and social media. My hope is to come along side these small businesses and ministry to offer services in the area of website development and social media management at a fraction of the costs that many, much larger agencies offer.

But Jay Higham Media, LLC is more than just a business. You see, I’m a pastor. A teacher. One who instructs and encourages others to grow. And so I want to use JHM, as an opportunity to also partner with parents, churches, and organization to help equip, provide tools, resources, and materials that educate parents on the quickly changing landscape of the internet and social media.

To help accomplish this task, Jay Higham Media will be sponsoring a brand new blog, designed to give parents and organizations the tools and information to help them care for their kids. The weekly blog is slated to go live mid July. The format will include short, informative articles about social media platforms, apps, things to watch out for, recommendations, warnings, and an opportunity to ask questions!

So keep an eye out for the new JHM Media Blog coming very soon!

– jay

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