Coming to the End of a Crazy Study

For the last couple of months, friends of ours from Harvest Church have been meeting to read, discuss, and be challenged by Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love,Overwhelmed By A Relentless God. To say the study has been good is a grand understatement. The study as been amazing! And even that doesn’t begin to express the influence of this book.

For 9 chapters, Francis has challenged us to rethink our idea of God, Love, and Living our lives as God Followers. Moments have been incredibly convicting and yet encouraging and inspiring. From asking ourselves where our loyalties rest in regards to God, life and comfort, to how we trust and live our faith out in a culture that is distinctly “worldly” are questions that have pushed us to a point where we are in a place of spiritual crisis!

This Friday night we will bring our study to a close as we discuss the final chapter of the book, The Crux of the Matter! With a book like this, there’s always that point when after reading you ask, Now what do I do? For sure, we will be asking that very question.

My hope is that at its completion, we will not be left with a question, but a challenge. A challenge that leads us to pursue a life filled with this CRAZY LOVE that Francis speaks of; a love that drives us to total surrender and obedience.

– jay

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