Late Evening Encouragement

Late this evening we received an amazing gift of encouragement. While painting our bedroom, we received a call from one of our neighbors. They said they had some friends that we needed to meet. Mind you, it was about 8:30 p.m. We were painting our bedroom, talking with our teen boys, and trying to get the younger three ready for bed. You know, the typical Sunday evening activities.

So we said, come on over. Within a few minutes our neighbors were at the door, friends in tow. Paint splatter and messy, we welcomed our visitors in with smiles and handshakes. We filed into the living room and following an few introductions our neighbors said that they just felt God say that they needed to come over and share something with us.

Over the last couple of days we had been sharing all that God is doing in our church plant and that in about week, we were going to make the church our #1 focus. Because of the conversations, they said they wanted to share some encouragement. It started with an invitation to a men’s prayer breakfast which lead into a series of stories about what God has done in their lives and the words, “Trust God, He’s working out his plan for you and what he has called you to.”

The timeliness of this message is amazing. With one week left working with McD’s, then the big step of trust, we needed to be reminded of how big our God is. The stories helped to remind us that God is in every detail of life. There is nothing the God can’t do. In fact, it’s probably the opposite. God WANTS to do great things; we just need to stop fighting him and let him do what he wants to do.

What I love about the visit was that our neighbors were sensitive to the Spirit’s leading to bring us the encouragement. I mean, they didn’t have to call. It was getting late. They were visiting with their friends. They could have just assumed that we’d be getting the kids ready for bed. But instead, the made the call. They were obedient.

I think too many times with miss the opportunities to bring encouragement and hope to the people around us. We can think up an excuse for just about anything; excuses that prevent us from being obedient. When the Spirit moves, leads, directs, speaks, we are to respond.

Is God leading you to speak words of encouragement into someones life? What’s preventing you from responding in obedience. The words that the Lord is leading you to speak might be the very words that change a persons life for all eternity.

It’s great to have neighbors who love the Lord and are willing to step out in faith to bring words of encouragement to the crazy church planting family next door.

– jay

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