Easter is Over. Now What?

Last Sunday, thousands filled churches as we celebrated Easter Sunday. Easter, like Christmas, is that rare occasion where we find people attending church when normally they wouldn’t. This is no surprise. It’s been happening for years.

Perhaps you are one of those visitors. Maybe you attended a church this Sunday. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve gone. Maybe you don’t have much interest in church, but because the family went, you went too.

Or perhaps, you attend a church every week. You never miss. But this time, something happen. Maybe this time the words that the pastor spoke were different then years past. Maybe what you heard you heard for the first time. Maybe it made you think. Maybe it made you wonder, ask questions, or feel a little uncomfortable.

Maybe after all these years of going to church, something happened in your heart and now you’re different.

Easter is over. Now what?

For a great many of us, this is a question we don’t often think about. You see, for both the regular church goer, and the visitor, Easter Sunday is just another day. Sure that’s usually a big meal with family, candy and egg hunts, maybe even some fancier the normal clothes to wear. But for the most part, we wake up, get dressed and begin our day. This day however, started with going to church. But the rest of the day? Well the rest of the day was just the rest of the day.

But for some of us, maybe this Easter was different and so now you wonder, What do I do now?

Well, whether you a believer, church attender, visitor, or someone now curious about this Jesus-thing, what you do after Easter matters.

I recently preached a sermon about being excited for Easter to come, and how we in the church often do everything in our power to get people excited about Easter, and for that matter Christmas, but when the two are said and done, we find ourselves slipping back to the routines of life.

Why? Why all the fuss before, then nothing after? Why do we work so hard to prepare, invite, and declare only to settle for the normal on the following Sunday?

I believe there is more to be excited about. I believe that Easter isn’t the end of the story but the beginning. Specifically, Easter is the beginning of your story.

As a pastor, I have no intentions of allowing that excitement to slip away. In fact, I hope to create a new excitement. An excitement that says every day is Easter. Every day is a day worth celebrating. Every day is a day to glorify God for all that he has done, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead!

If you are one who experienced something different this Easter, let me invite you to follow me as I begin an 8 week series at Harvest Church designed to get us excited about living for Jesus.

Jesus once taught, that as his followers, we are to “pick up our cross, and follow” him. What does that mean? I believe it means that we are to abandon the lives of complacency and begin living lives of radical obedience. Basically, we will look at what it means to truly live for Jesus.

Over the 8 weeks we will look at common areas in our lives where we refuse to surrender to God. Areas like our finances, our marriage, our careers, our sex lives, our family, and ourselves.

If you want more than just the routine. If you want more than status quo. If you want to do something bigger than you. If you want to see God in your daily life. Then join us in person at Harvest Church each Sunday morning, April through May, and let’s discover together what it looks like to pick up your cross and walk with Jesus.

If you can’t be with us in person, join us right here as I post the weekly teaching video, notes, study helps, and opportunities to participate in the community of faith.

I hope you will be a part of, “Take Up Your Cross, And Follow Me.” Our series begins, Sunday, April 7, 2013. And discover Harvest Church by visiting our website at, http://www.HarvestChurchToday.org.

Easter maybe over, but the journey is just beginning!

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