The Winds of Change Blow Again

I_Quit_Series_-_Art_Preview_312x212_587x327It’s amazing, when I look back over the last year at where God has moved us. It’s been an adventure to say the least. And now as we look ahead, our adventure continues with another step; another step of faith and trust.

As some of you may know, I have been working part-time (about 30+/- hours) at a local fast food restaurant. The thought was that I’d work my way into management with the hopes that a managers salary would allow me to provide for the financial needs of our growing family while we continue to plant Harvest. While I made it to the level of management, it doesn’t appear as though it will help provide as we had hoped.

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks Amy and I have talked a lot about the possibilities and desire to give Harvest more. Working 30 +/- hours is a lot to give to a job that really isn’t helping with the daily needs. For months my heart as been torn, longing to be busy with the work of the church and caring for the people God has already brought to us, but the majority of my time has been spent working in the restaurant. The neglect to the call has become increasingly evident.

Last week was the break through week. Through some disappointment, the long of my heart finally made enough noise that my fear of being disobedient to God overwhelmed my fear of not providing for the family. All this is to say, yesterday, I handed my 2 week notice in at the restaurant.

It’s time that I focus on what God has called me to do, and not about how He will overcome the questions of how? I told Amy, “I came to this place to plant a church, not to become a manager at a fast food place.” And this is what I intend to do.

On Friday, April 12, I will work my last shift at the restaurant. On that day, we will step into a place of expectation; expectation that our God who gives beyond our imagination will provide in many unexpected ways.

This blog has always been a place where I have shared the journey of faith, life and ministry. So it is only fitting that I share this new leg of the adventure here with you. No doubt, this will be a huge step of faith, but as I have said from the begin, I want to tell the story that God is writing. That story is the story of Harvest Church, his people, me, and his grace.

All praise, glory and honor be to our God. Amen. Amen!

– jay

One thought on “The Winds of Change Blow Again

  1. Your blog post inspired me. I have immense respect for a pastor that holds or has held a regular job. I think it just makes you all the more humble and able to identify with church members.


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