Jay Higham Media Updates for the 2013 Year

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Over the last two months I have been working to fine tune a new business strategy for Jay Higham Media, LLC. For years I have toyed around with website design, graphic design and printing for t-shirts and apparel, and writing. Over the last 8 years, I’ve jumped chest-deep into the world of social media. These are all things I love and do well. And for the longest time, my wife has said I should do something with all these “talents”. So Now I am!

Jay Higham Media, LLC. is a brand new venture that will allow me to combine the things I love to do, graphic design, website development, social media marketing, and writing under one umbrella. Jay Higham Media, LLC. is specialize in three things. 1. Social Media Marketing. 2. Website Construction. 3. T-shirt Design and Printing.

1. Social Media Marketing. I love social media. Tweeter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, WordPress; you can find me on all of these (and a few more). But what I love most is the potential to reach people. For the business you’re reaching customers. For the organization you’re reaching members. For the ministry you’re reaching souls for the kingdom. My Social Media marketing goal is to help small businesses, community groups, churches and ministries develop a social media strategy that will allow them to accomplish their “REACH-GOAL.”

2. Web Construction. I have played with website design since 1999. Most sites were personal or ministry related. From HTML to WYSIWYG to impressive template layouts, I have worked with a number of different formats. But the best one I have come across is the template based site design. I have been able to partner with a great company that provides amazing templates and hosting that allows me to create beautiful websites for small businesses and local organizations. Here are three sites that I am currently managing; www.BerkebileOil.com, www.HarvestChurchToday.org, www.JayHigham.com/storefront. My web construction goal is to offer small businesses and local community groups a simple, easy, low-cost, first-website experience.

3. T-shirt Design and Printing. Over the years I have designed and printed hundreds of shirts. it’s a great way for me to get my art-fix. Until now, I really didn’t try to market myself as a t-shirt business. But now, the time seems right. And with a son expressing an interest in apparel and graphic design, I want to see what might happen. The plan for the t-shirts is to offer three options. There will be my two private line of shirts that I am calling For Youth Workers and Every Day Wear. The third option is for the production of mass shirts for groups, events, businesses, teams, reunions, youth groups, etc.

Along with our three primary services, I will also be able to market my writing. So my three blogs will now come under the JHM, LLC. banner along with the publishing of my own line of children’s books. But now I can also freelance as a writer for outside blogs, magazines, and other print opportunities.

I feel good about final focusing what it is I want the business to be and how it will look. Now I’m ready to go. So, if you are looking for a new website, want to bring your business or group into the social media world, or need t-shirts for your next event, now is the time to contact me, Jay Higham, at Jay Higham Media, LLC.

Go head and check out the site…

Visit the blogs…
The Good Husband Blog
The Youth Worker Tip of the Day
JayHigham.com The Blog

– jay

(The JHM T-shirt Design & Printing pages will go live on March 1, 2013!)

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