Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

valentinesHello Friends!
Just in case you’ve missed it or lost track of time and dates, this Thursday is Valentine’s Day!
While I hope you did remember and have something ready, here are a few ideas/reminders that might help you pull off a special Valentine’s Day with your special love!

1. Lover’s Journal…
Do you remember writing and reading those little love notes back in great school? When my wife and I started our relationship we wrote a ton of love letters back and forth to each other. (She lived in Baltimore and I was in Philadelphia and writing was cheaper then the long distance phone charges. And yes, this was before email.) Those letters were precious to us. We looked forward to getting them. Even after we were married, we found ways to live little love notes around the house (which is idea number 3 below.) One new way of “letter-writing” is with a Lover’s Journal. Run out to your local TJMaxx or book store that offers a selection of journals. Pick one that fits your marriage personality. Now make this your Lover’s Journal. Write to your spouse like you used to before the kids, jobs, cars, house, and years of marriage. You’ll find that you will rekindle a sweet part of the relationship that you thought was long gone!

2. Couple’s Coupons…
This one’s a little cheesy but still a lot of fun. Couple’s Coupons. Create coupons that your mate can redeem for a little one on one time! Ideas for coupons might include dinner for just the two of you, a “free” massage by you, tickets to her/his must see movie, or even a shopping spree at a later time. (That’s a good one if you forgot to buy a gift.) The coupons are a quick print and snip away. Throw them in an envelop and you’re ready to go. If you creating the coupons is to stressful, you can download a set that I recently created for my wife. Now they are created for MY wife, so not all of them may work, but take a look, I think you will see that most will work for you! Great Date Night Coupons.

3. Sticky Love…
Tell her/him you love them all day long. This is an easy one. Pick up a package of stick notes. With the wide variation of colors and styles, you may even find pink hearts or something appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Write little messages of love for your spouse and hide them around the house, car, and work space. (If you can get there. If not, just leave some notes in whatever bags they take to work.) As they “re-discover” your love throughout the day they will be reminded of of your more playful side!

4. Gifts You Can Still Buy Before Thursday…
Of course there are those last minute gifts that you can pick up between now and Thursday. Candy, flowers, a card, jewelry, lingerie, and gifts card to their favorite stores and restaurants are always available. Just don’t forget to get them before Thursday!!

5. Tell Them You Love Them…
It’s something we may not do as often as we think, but simply saying, “I LOVE YOU” still goes a long way. This Thursday, before you turn in for the night, take a few minutes to sit and tell your spouse how much you still love them. Men, we never say it enough. Women, sometimes we need to hear it too. So tell him/her that you love them and your world won’t be the same without them!

Here’s wishing you and your mate a Happy Valentine’s Day! and be sure to visit my StoreFront for a few other Valentine’s Day ideas! StoreFront

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