YWTD #64 – Volunteer Success: Authority

Tip: Give them the authority to do.

One of your jobs as a youth worker is to help your leaders succeed. We want them to do ministry, to share in the joy of discipling students, to watch them grow in their own faith. To help them succeed we must do what we can to bring them to the place where they can do the things that God has prepared them for. One of the ways we help our leaders succeed is by giving them authority to do.

To do what?

To do ministry?

I learned many years ago that our leaders want to do ore than sit in the back of the room serving as security or waiting around till the end of the night to help with clean up. Your leaders want to do ministry, but sometimes they don’t know what they have the authority to do. So give them the authority.

Be sure to tell them that they have the ability and the authority to DO ministry. They can do the one-on-ones, the small group study, the after school sporting events, the band concerts, the musicals and plays. Tell them that they can send the emails, text messages, and notes of encouragement.

Without the authority to do ministry, your leaders will never know that they can do ministry. So tell your leaders that they have the authority to DO ministry. And help them get started doing what they have been called to do, minister to students!


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