How Was Your Christmas?

How was your Christmas? It’s the question we all ask each other the days following Christmas morning. It’s an interesting question, How was your Christmas? It’s a question that causes you to evaluate your Christmas experience. “How was my Christmas?”

“Was it good?” If so what made it good? Time with family? Good food? The prefect gift?

“Was it not so good?” Why? Family feuding? Didn’t get what you asked for? Did you have to work the holiday?

Too often we focus on the culture of Christmas and evaluate it quality based on our own expectations of what Christmas should be. But the truth is, Christmas should always be good. Why? Because of what Christmas is really all about.

This past Christmas Eve I spoke on the gift that God gives by sending the Good News to us; that a Savior had been born to us. You see, in Luke 2:10-11, two words take the events of that holy night and make them deeply personal. The angel says, “I bring YOU good news of great joy.” And in verse 11, “a Savior has been born to YOU.”


Did you know that Jesus came for you? The song the angels “sang” was to YOU! The good news was for YOU. The Savior was born to YOU!


How was your Christmas? It should be amazing! Why? Because Jesus came for you. Take a step beyond the culture. Go beyond the decorations, the lights, the silly songs. Go beyond the colors, characters, and even the gifts. Christmas is about a Savior coming to earth to save YOU!


As the final days of this year wind down, I pray that you might experience the real joy of Christmas. I pray that you would meet and know the Savior, born that night for YOU. And I pray that you might make this Christmas the BEST Christmas.

– jay

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