My Wife Launches Her New Blog!

I can’t believe it. After months, maybe even a year or so, of encouraging my wife to begin a blog, she’s done it!

My wife Amy is amazing. She is gifted in so many ways. Not only is she an amazing wife, and awesome mom, and a brave woman for being married to me for these last 16 years, she is an incredibly godly woman, a wise counselor, and a compassion care giver.

Amy has a tremendous heart for the young mother and the wife. She cares deeply about how women live out their faith and trust God for everything in life. As a “new” pastors wife, she is quickly assuming the responsibilities of leading, listening, learning, and loving.

I am thrilled that she has begun sharing what she is has learned over the last 16 years, and what she is learning now as together we lead our new church plant. Let me invite and encourage you to visit her new blog, she has already posted a couple amazing blogs. I am helping her get the blog up and fully running. You can subscribe to her blog and receive her posts in your email. I will be adding some RSS feeds and addition social connections over the next couple of weeks.

But go and check out her blog!!


– jay

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