YWTD #57 – Stop and Reflect on What God Did This Weekend

Tip: Stop and reflect on what God did this weekend.
Today, life moves at LTE speed. A friend of mine just got the new iPhone 5. One of the praises he sang about the phone was the LTE upgrade. It really is FAST.

Ministry moves just as fast.

A lot can happen in a weekend of ministry, especially on Sundays. You have worship, Sunday school, youth group, and of course, football.

At the break-neck speed of life, it’s easy to get caught in what’s happening and forget who was behind it all. How often do we slow down and consider all that we just experienced? When was the last time yo sat in your office and just reflected?

Why not start your week with a pause. Close your office door. Turn off anything that might distract you, including your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Grab a journal and a pen and start righting down all the happened this weekend. Think especially about what you witnessed God do. Write it all down. Keep the journal. Do this every Monday. And watch your encounters with God grow.

There will be valleys. There will be deserts. There will be wilderness experiences. When you find yourself in these places, pull that journal out and be reminded of just how faithful God is. He’s still working, even when you can’t see him.

– ywtd

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