Tell a Youth Worker Weekend

It’s Friday night. And for many of us this Friday night was spend cheering on a high school football team. For the rest, well, I don’t really know what you might be doing…

But here at Youth Worker Tip of the Day, I’m thinking through new topics of our daily tip. I’m canvassing the vast world wide web in search for great materials to share with you this week. I’m hoping to be approved as an affiliate for Simply Youth Ministry so I can post and sell their awesome products. And, I trying to figure out how to best get the word out about the Youth Worker Tip of the Day!

I know it’s the weekend and some of us are looking forward to a day or two of rest. But I wonder if you would do me a favor. Would you be will in share the Youth Worker Tip of the Day with you fellow youth workers. I’ve been try to pass the word, but I know there are still thousands more who have not yet been introduced to YWTD. So I am asking you to help.

Would you be willing to share YWTD with your peers. YWTD is a daily post with great tips that you can apply to directly to your ministry. Pass on our website, Facebook and Twitter names and tell they have to check out this blog!

It’s a Tell a Youth Worker to come an see the Youth Worker Tip of the day.

And thanks for helping us spread the word and reach those youth workers who haven’t yet discovered Youth Worker Tip of the Day.

Thanks for support.

– ywtd

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