YWTD #56 – Go

Tip: Go!

It would be awesome if each week we were able to hang out in our offices, prepare out teaching, update our websites and blogs, and then come group time, have the students flock to us. But that’s not the way it works. And it shouldn’t be the way it works.

Yesterday we talked about relationships and how key they are in the realms of student ministry. One of the ways we develop those relationships is when we go.

Go to their games. Go to their recitals. Go to their concerts. Go to their meets. Go to their matches. Go to their work places (within reason and not to distract). Go wherever they are!


It’s super easy to wall ourselves up in our office working on the administration aspect of ministry and forget about the importance of getting out of the office and going. Make it a point to add to your daily itinerary a trip out to go to a student event. One thing I tried for a while was altering my schedule to go into the office really early. (Like before anyone else.) It was a great time to get the “busy” work like letters, emails, study and message prep, game planning, and even some future calendar planning done. Usually I was the only one in the office which made it easy to use the office equipment. And, when it’s early, the phones aren’t ringing, so it’s nice and quiet.

Going in early allowed me to get that desk work done freeing up my afternoons. That time was now flexible enough to go to after school sporting events, to meet someone for coffee or a late lunch, or spend a little extra time with my kids. (That is works especially well when you have late evening meeting or school function.)

Whatever it is, wherever it is, remember that you have to Go. Going reinforce the relationship. It shows that you care, that your serious about them. It gives them something, or someone, to look for in the stands. It helps them to know their important, significant, and valuable.

There’s a ton of reasons why ‘Going’ is so important. The point is, you got to GO!

So stop reading this and GO!

– ywtd

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