How to Remove a Volunteer – Doug Fields

We all love Doug Fields*. He recently post this article about removing volunteers from your ministry. While we hope that it’s never the case, what Doug shares is invaluable. I wanted to share it here with you just in case you missed his post.

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Here is a portion of Doug’s post…

How to REMOVE a volunteer
September 9, 2012 By doug 6 Comments

I hate to even write on this subject, but it’s one of the most frequently asked questions when I teach on developing volunteers. Always, someone sheepishly asks, “Uh…well…I have this one leader…and…well, she’s been there a long time…and…uh…well…“
Since I’ve heard the same scenario a thousand times I’ll say, “And you want to get rid of her but you don’t know how…right?” The crowd laughs awkwardly, but question-asker sighs with relief when he finds out he’s not alone.
In 30 years youth ministry leadership I have had to ask people to step away from their volunteer position. Often, the volunteer was relieved to go, but most of the time I faced a sweaty-palms, intense, conflict-filled, difficult conversation. And every time our ministry was healthier once this person was removed.
Here are some principles that I wrote about in my book, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry… I hope they help:

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*Doug Fields is a communicator, resource-provider, writer, pastor & leadership mentor. He’s the author of more than 50 books and is currently working with Youth Specialties & Azusa Pacific University (HomeWord’s Center for Youth/Family). More information about Doug is available at

– ywtd

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