Getting Ready for Fall at the NEW Church!

Fall has always been a favorite time of the year for me. Like the start of the new year, fall brings a certain sense of beginning. Kids return to school, usually starting a new grade level. The summer comes to an end. And as a family we begin thinking about returning to a more regular routine.

As a youth pastor, the fall meant that it was time to get into to doing ministry again. With students back in school, the ministries and programs that we sponsored also fired up. Fall meant the release of calendars, programming, planning, and the welcome of new faces. Now as a pastor I have something new to look forward to…

Harvest Church of Washington County.

This summer I became the pastor of a new church in an area between Pittsburgh and Washington in western PA. As the summer comes to a close, instead of planning for student ministry events, I have been working on church wide events and activities.

One of the things we’ve been working on is making some changes to our worship schedule. Currently, Harvest worships on Saturday evenings. We started this because at the time, I was sit serving as a youth pastor, making it virtually impossible to worship on Sundays. However, in just a couple of weeks, Harvest Church will begin its first Sunday morning worship service. On September 09th, we will gather at 9:30 in the morning to worship for the first time as a church on a Sunday!

And we’d like to invite everyone and anyone, living in the area to come and join us for this special morning! You can find more information at our church website at, If you have any questions, need directions, or would like to know more about Harvest Church, please feel free to comment below!

– jay

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