YWTD #47 – Thoughts for the Final Days of School 1

Tip: Celebrate your graduates.

They did it. It’s over. Four, tortuous years of high school. From freshmen to graduates, this years class has accomplished a significant milestone in their lives. And for this great feat, they should be celebrated.

The end of the school year bring tremendous excitement of everyone. But no one feels that excitement more than your graduating class! Over my 20 plus years I have celebrated this great accomplishment in a number of different ways. This week, I hope to share with you some of the ways I have honored our graduating classes. So as we come to the end of the 2011-2012 school year, lets take a couple of days to celebrate our graduating class!

Today’s tip is a no brain; Celebrate your graduates.

All week long I’ll share some idea of how to celebrate, so I’m not going to get into that today. But I do think it’s important for your ministry and for your students to know that this transition in life is one to celebrate. Sure, they will celebrate their graduation with their family and friends at the many, and sometimes never ending, graduation parties. But beyond the fact that they just finished high school, we should be celebrating their next step into adulthood and independence.

To make this time in our students live simply a party for what they done, we should also be celebrating what they are about to do. College is an exciting place. Stepping out into the world is an exciting idea. And each have their wrong turns, detours, and pot holes. But if God has laid the foundation of faith within the hearts of your students, then we have new reasons to celebrate.

The how, is almost endless. You can celebrate your students in countless ways. But it starts with you deciding that you are going to celebrate them.

I hope you check in with me all week long as we look at some great ways to celebrate our graduating class!

– jay

*The Final Days of School series of tips was originally posted at JayHigham.com. The entire series has been reposted here so to provide a continuous count of YWTD posts for your convenience. Thanks for reading.

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