My First Week in the Community That We Will Serve

By the end of today, I will have spent my first week in Peters as the pastor of Harvest Church of Washington County. We haven’t officially moved yet, but with our no. one son playing football for the middle school, he had to be in town for practice. We were blessed to have some wonderful friends who shared their cabin with us; allowing he and I the opportunity to be in town.

It was a good week. And I did my best to make the most of it, while trying not to ignore my son. Fortunately, he was able to work with a friend of ours in the mornings so I could get some work done. In the afternoons he had practice; another opportunity to work.

I learned a few things this week and thought I’d share them with you.

1. Mooching Free WiFi Gets Expensive.
It’s amazing how dependent upon the internet some of us have become. More than email, the internet is a connection to resources, study materials, research materials, and helpful blogs and articles. Not being fully connect has left me going from hotspot to hotspot to hotspot. With more and more businesses offering free wifi, the choices are abundant. However, no one like a moocher, and I can’t in good conscience sit in an establishment using their internet without patronizing them a little. So this week, I have sipped more White Chocolate Mochas and Double Chocolaty Chip Fraps then I have in months. (But I earned enough gold stars for my next free coffee.)

2. I am Really going to Enjoy Pastoring People.
This week I had the opportunity to meet with two young adults who frequent Harvest Church. Being with people has become one of my more loved “jobs” in ministry. To hear someone share the things they are learning, growing, and working through is exciting. To be able to share, encourage, disciple and praying for and with them is equally exciting. Then to talk about ministry opportunities and their involvement, well, thats the cherry on the whip cream. I also spent some time with a good friend of mine who is about to take his family onto the mission field. What a sweet time of mutual encouragement that was. I know it won’t always be laughter and fun. I expect to deal with difficulties as well. But just being able to spend that time with people is something I am really looking forward to.

3. Being My Own Boss.
Most pastors have it pretty easy when it comes to their working hours. For many, the freedom is extended to come and go and work as they see fit. I have always been one who likes to keep regular working/office hours; at least as much as I can. Coming from St. Paul’s, I had tremendous freedom in how I arranged my day and week. This week, and those leading to this week, have given me the freedom to enjoy some special family time, while still keeping set times for studying, writing, and taking care of other church related business. However, there is the great temptation to procrastinate. and as a recovering procrastinator, I have to be careful not to allow the fun of family overwhelm the responsibilities of pastoring a new and growing church. There must be a certain level of discipline exercised when working as you own ‘boss’.

It was a good week. I studied. I wrote. I prepped. I planned. I met with some people. And I got to share in some special ministry time with a soon-to-be missionary. Next week, I get to come back and do it again. No we aren’t moving yet, but school begins. And by God’s blessing and the love and support from some amazing friends we will be staying in Peters as a family. God really is good. I am just thrilled with all that he is doing.

– jay

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