YWTD #46 – Mother's Day, NO Youth Group!

Tip: Don’t schedule youth group on Mother’s Day!

Today’s Youth Worker Tip of the Day, applies only to the youth worker who’s group meetings on Sundays. I learned a long time ago not to have youth group on Mother’s Day, so I don’t!

My first, full-time call came in 1999. At the time, my wife and I had been married for three years. We had two of our five kids. That first year was a blast. I was doing what I loved, and my wife was right there by my side. In those early years I learned a lot. One of the things I learned was to give my wife veto power of the youth calendar. (Thanks Doug Fields for impressing this on my wife and I so early in our ministry!) That means she had final say over the calendar before it was published.

As we prepared for May, my wife said that so wanted Mother’s Day to be an off Sunday. She wanted us to spend that day together. As a young mom, she wanted to enjoy the day with our two boys, and she wanted me there too. So, being the good husband, there was no youth group on Mother’s Day.

But as the year passed, the concept of no youth group on Mother’s Day, has become more than just a Sunday off. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. As a youth pastor, one of the responsibilities I think we have is to promote a healthy, honoring picture of a Godly family. I also believe that we should be promoting family and family values. For me that includes encouraging families to spend quality time together, something that is quickly being lost in our non-stop culture.

Mother’s Day was started as a way to pause and recognize our mother’s, letting them know that we appreciate all they do for us. Sure, every day should be Mother’s Day, but it’s nice to have a designated day to celebrate and say thank you. As a youth pastor, and as a husband and father, it became important that I was encouraging my students to take this day as a day to honor their mom’s and say thank you. Now, many year’s later, and still meeting on Sunday evening, Mother’s Day is a NO Youth Group night!

If you meet on Sunday evenings for youth group, and don’t shut down for Mother’s Day, let me encourage you to think about the benefits in not having youth group on this special day. And instead of planning ridiculous games, challenge your students to do something amazing for mom!

– ywtd

*This post was originally written for the week leading up to Mother’s Day, and appeared on the blog, JayHigham.com. It has been reposted here on YWTD so that a continuous record of blog can be presented. Thank you for reading!

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