7 Days of Praise and Prayer – Day 4

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
The Transition from One Place to Another

A move is never easy. Beyond the packing and unpacking, the sorting and separating, there are the relationships, emotions, and the unknown. With every move there comes the good-bye’s, and the hello’s. As we say good-bye to some wonderful relationships, we know that there will be many more new relationships to begin.

We are excited to be part of Harvest Church. Leaving Somerset is bitter sweet. Would you pray with us as we make the transition from Somerset to Pittsburgh?

1. Please pray for the kids as they prepare to for new schools, the meeting of new friends, and the introduction to new routines.

2. Pray for the new places, activities, and opportunities that wait us there.

3. Pray for the new neighbors, friends, and new relationships.

4. Pray for Jay and Amy as they make the transitions from workings with students to serving a church as a pastor and a pastors wife.

5. And pray for the work of planting a new church in the Washington County area.

Along with our prayers, we praise God for his call to lead this new ministry. And we praise him for what he is about to do through us.

– jay

*To learn more about Harvest Church, please visit our website at, www.HarvestChurchToday.org. If you would like to speak with Jay to learn more about the church, please contact Jay through his email, and he will provide contact information. If you would like to financial support Harvest Church as it gets its start, please email the church office and we will be in touch with you. harvestchurchtoday@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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