Garage Church

For the last 6 months, Harvest Church has been holding its worship gatherings in the living room of one of our founding families. The room was great, but it was tight. The living room could hold 32 chairs, but the room itself felt crowded and uncomfortable anytime we had 20 or more. So we decided to make a move. We wanted a little more space so we could stretch out a bit.

On July 7th, we held our first weekend worship in the families garage. A garage? Really? Really!

I don’t know how many church have ever met for worship in a garage, but, we’re doing it. The 2 car bay is large enough to set up as many as 60 chairs. We can position them in rows of 5, leaving a center isle and an isle on either side. We also have a little more room up front, which makes me happy. Before the front teaching space was very narrow and tight. And if anyone had to leave the service for any reason, they had to walk up past me. Awkward.

But now, with plenty of space for visitors, and plenty of space for teaching and our future praise team, we’re excited to worship in the garage.

We’ve posted a few pictures of the garage set up for our weekend service on our website;

If you are in the Peters Township/Canonsburg area, we invite you to come and join this weekend for worship. We currently meet every Saturday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. We have programming for children ages 3 to 10 which takes place during our worship time. And we will be launching our brand new student ministry this fall!

Visit our website at, Or come and visit us in person at, 201 Thompsonville Rd., McMurray, PA!

– jay

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