Children’s Books by Jay Higham

Just a few months ago, I published 2 short children’s books for the Kindle device. The first was, Shoo Fly Shoo, a short story about a little boy trying to have a picnic under a tree. My second book followed a week or two later. Rise and Shine, a simple book that helps us wake in the morning.

I am thrilled to share these books exclusively on the Kindle reading app. Can I ask you to check out my first 2 books! If you have a Kindle device or a reading app, would you consider purchasing one or both books? I am trying to build a little bit our a following as I prepare to release my next two books later this summer!

Shoo Fly Shoo, is only $.99.
Rise and Shine, is only $1.00.
Short and fun. I know your children will enjoy them.

If you do not have a Kindle device or a Kindle reading app, please visit this page for links to order a device or download the free app for your iPod, iPad, Mac, Android, Blackberry, or Tablet. Kindle Devices and Apps.

– jay

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