Can They See It? Week 5 – James 1:19-27

The Point When We Begin to Listen…
Do you know the moment? That time when all of a sudden it clicks. The time when you realize, “Wow, you know what, if I just stop doing what I want and start doing what they say, man, life could be so much easier.”

I was in my mid teens, when it dawned on me, ‘They are my parents. They are the ones in authority over me. They are the one responsible and in charge. I am their child, under their care. The sooner I come to grips with their role in my life, and my role in their lives, the easier life might be.”

Students, did you just hear what I said? That little nugget of truth will serve you well in the future if you take it to heart right now.

Now, I’m not saying I was perfect. Lord, knows, I wasn’t. But as a teenager, I didn’t like the strife and being at odds with my parents. So, I started doing the things I was being told. And when I did, well, the relationship between me and my parents got better. It grew stronger. And it was quieter around the house.

But it wasn’t just because I hated the shouting and fighting, there was something more happening inside of me. It was also in my teens when God got a hold of my heart and began working it for his purpose. You see, not only did I realize the role of my parents, but I began to realize that if I said I was a Christian, then my life needed to reflect what I said I believed.

Can They See It?
As Christians, James 1:19-27, is a challenging read. Challenging, because James is pretty in your face about what it means to live out your beliefs. Not only is he in your our face, but he’s raising the expectation of obedience for believers.

– jay

* This was an excerpt from Jay’s week 5 message at Harvest Church, in McMurray, PA. This was part 5 of the series, Can They See It? preached on Saturday, July 7th, 2012. The rest of message can be found at my website. Click on the link and you will be taken there.

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