This Weekend at Harvest Church – July 06, 2012

Can They See It?
Week 4 – James 1:17-27
Listen and Do: This weekend we continue our series, Can They See It? with a look at James 1:17-27. So far we’ve talked about trials and joys, our attitude towards money, and enduring the tests God sends. This weekend we’ll be challenged to consider the importance of listening and doing.

If you believe it? Are you living it? That’s the question James will be answering this weekend. Come and join us at Harvest Church this weekend! And visit the Harvest Church website for more resources designed for our series.

Our First Move
Weekend Services Relocate: This Saturday, July the 7th, Harvest Church will be moving our worship gathering to the Belcher garage!

Why the garage? For more space! Our goal is to create a worship atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and ideal for worship. The garage will provide us with just a little more space to stretch out in.

Come and join us this weekend! And bring a friend or two, because now we have the space to welcome them.

Worship Time: 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

HSM Goes Wild
Washington Wild Things: The Harvest Student Ministry will be visiting the Washington Wild Things, on Sunday, August 12, 2012! Sign ups are here! Come and join us as we enjoy and evening of baseball!

Tickets are just $10.00 per student! We will meet and head to the stadium together! Sign up this weekend at the Harvest Worship gathering, or visit the Student Ministry page at the Harvest website!

We are also looking for a few adults to join us for this activity. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Jay.

– jay

*Learn more about Harvest Church by visiting our website at;

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