WELCOME to Harvest Church Wk. 2 Part 4

What We Believe About the Holy Spirit…
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the God who comes and helps us work out our faith. The crazy thing about the Holy Spirit is not what he does, but how we as the church refer to him. You see some churches downplay the Spirit and his role. It’s to mystical for them and so they avoid conversations that deal with what his role in our lives is. But in doing so, they miss out on the gifts that the Spirit brings; gifts of worship, ministry, fellowship, evangelism, and discipleship.

Then, there are other churches who put too much emphasis on the Spirit and make his presence and work another standard, or benchmark that we must achieve, because if you’re not filled with the spirit, than you’re not truly saved.

Our hope is to find that perfect balance, recognizing the power of the Spirit and allowing him to work in our lives, producing faith, revealing God’s words, and using the gifts and talents that he gives for the purpose and glory of God.

So we believe that…
“The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in our lives today. He is the promised of Jesus who lives in us as the Comforter, our help, and strength for this life. He convicts us of our sin, draws us to the Father, and gifts us to accomplish the work of God. He indwells, empowers, instructs, guides, and seals us for the day of redemption.”

The Holy Spirit has an important role in our lives, especially when it comes to how grow in our faith. Without the Spirit, our spiritual maturity would be limited, perhaps even stifled.

Still Living in the Land of Make Believe…
Now there are people out there, people who live in this world, who would hear these three statements and say, “stop living in the land of make believe and come to the real world.” They would say things like, “there is no God, religion is a crutch for weak minds.” They’d say, “grow up already, how can you still believe in those fairytales we were taught as kids, stories about world wide floods, towers to heaven, egyptians and hebrews, boys who slay giants, and a guy who dies on a tree, what foolishness.”

But for us, this isn’t the land of make believe. This are not the dreams of men. No trolly will ride through here bringing us a back through time and space. The reality is, this is reality. There is a God. And he has a son who died on a cross for us. And the Spirit of God dwells within us as we live in this life as the children of God.

You see, our belief’s are important. And we as a church recognize that we need to clearly state what it is that we believe. Because I think that is the problem with many of our churches.

There are congregations who have stopped believing in a holy and righteous God. They have started questioning who Jesus is. And they have all but forgotten the role the Spirit plays in our lives and in this world.

And in their place they have substitute Truth with the false reality of a pop-culture that say, all roads lead to heaven. Believe what you want, we’ll all get there eventually.

I have served within the church since I was 15 years old. What started out as a mission trip has become a way of life. But as I have moved from ministry to ministry, I have seen how quickly we become nervous about speaking biblical truth. As the culture becomes less and less tolerant of traditional Christian faith and theology, the more we move away from statements like ours, and replace them with softer, gentler, kinder statements. Statements like, God loves everyone. Love wins. We preach tolerance and acceptance. And simply encourage everyone to just Coexist. The culture suggests that we can all live in the land of make believe as long as it’s our own make believer.

But as a pastor, I have no intentions of softening the truth of God’s word. We have made these bold states so to erase any question in our minds and of those who visit this church about what we believe. And as a church, we will proclaim God’s eternal truths without shame, without fear, and without hesitation.

What Do you Believe…
So what do you believe?

– jay

*This was an excerpt from Jay’s week 2 message at Harvest Church on Saturday, May 26. This is four of four posts that will make the full length message. To learn about Harvest Church, visit our website at; http://www.HarvestChurchToday.org.

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