Thank You Kami…

There are few people who do something out of the shear desire to help someone else do what they do better. Today, I join with the thousands of youth workers who pause to say thanks you to a true hero.

Kami Gilmour, is such a person. For the last number of years, Kami as been the director of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, a youth workers conference that many of you have read me blog about. I love the conference, serving on the ITT Team (the In The Trenches Team) and as a Connect Group Leader (whoop-whoop Milestones Connect Group!). I love this conference because of the heart behind what it stands for and what it seeks to do as a platform for youth ministry training, encouragement, and resourcing. Behind that heart is Kami.

I know I don’t know her as well as some of the other ITT people, but my experience and conversations with her have revealed a deep love and commitment for youth workers and their calling. She has worked tirelessly to make the conference not about Group or Simply Youth Ministry (the conference sponsors), but about the 3000 plus youth workers who flock to the conference each year.

Kami, I along with thousands of others I say, “Thank you. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your commitment to care. Thank you for being a leader willing to let others lead along side of you. Thank you for your faith and commitment to blessing the Kingdom of God by carrying the torch and caring for his “in the trenches” warriors!

– jay

Simply Youth Ministry Conference – SYMC2013

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