A Proverbs 31 Woman – Harvest Church Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

They were the perfect moms.

June Cleaver. Mrs. Brady. Mrs. Cunningham. Elyse Keaton. Maggie Seaver. Clair Huxtable. Jill Taylor.

They defined and redefined what a mom was to be.
Sweet. Beautiful. Devoted. Funny. Caring.

From keeping a perfect home with dinner on the table at the same time every night, to juggling the pressures of influential careers and family life, these moms showed us how to raise kids, love their husbands, and solve problems in 30 minutes or less.

And we loved these moms, didn’t we? Chances are you had a favorite. Perhaps you even wished one of those moms were your mom. Why? Because the TV mom was the quintessential picture of a perfect mom.

But how often is real life anything like sitcom television? Not too often, and yet, these woman have influenced us in thinking how wonderful a mom should be.

This weekend the nation pauses to recognize and honor mother’s. The concept of honoring mothers goes back to some of the earliest points in history when honor was given to the mythological female deities such as the goddess Isis, thought to be the mother of the Pharaohs, or Rhea, the mother of the greek gods. Later, the church in Europe designated the 4th Sunday in Lent as a day to honor motherhood. At the time they used it to honor their “Mother Church,” the place where they were baptized. In the 1600’s, the church shifted their focus from mother church to the mothers in the church. Named, Mothering Day, it allowed the adult children the opportunity to travel to their homes for a family feast where mom was the guest of honor.

Today, we celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May, as declared by the 1912 signing by Woodrow Wilson, making it an nationally observed holiday celebrating Mother’s.

And tomorrow, we will join in the celebration that has become world wide as we observe the modern day, Mother’s Day.

As I thought and prayed about what to talk about this weekend, I felt the Lord leading me to Proverbs 31. Now most of us will recognize Proverbs 31 as the Biblical standard of a Godly woman. And there are ministries who promote the ideas and concepts of Proverbs 31 to be the very qualities and characteristics that every Godly woman should possess. But I battled with God a bit, fearful of teaching Proverbs 31 and the high standard that it sets for a woman and a mother. I mean I didn’t want to put anymore pressure on the women, especially on their special day.

But the more I read the verse’s in Proverbs 31, the more I realized that this isn’t just a list of expectations, but a call to celebrate the woman whom God has placed in our lives!

In fact, this is the perfect thing to preach from as we prepare to honor the mom’s in our lives!

So let’s turn in our Bibles to Proverbs 31, and let’s see what the writer has to say about the women in our lives.

Click Here to View Proverbs 31.

Check in tomorrow for the rest of the printed version of this weekends message.

– jay

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