National Youth Workers Convention 2012

It looks like YS has officially released details for this year’s conventions!

I received an email this morning, as I’m sure did many others, announcing the 2012 conventions. YS will be hosting two conventions, one in San Diego in October, and one in Dallas in November.

I clicked over to the site to take a quick look around to see what’s up. It’s clear that they are still adding to the list of speakers and artists, but so far, it’s some of the names you would expect to see. Bob Goff, founder of Restore International and author of Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World, and Charles Lee, founder of Ideation Consultancy, Inc. and author of Good Idea. Now What: How to Move Ideas to Execution, are two of their featured speakers. Adding to list are the some of our favorite speakers; Kara Powell, Tic Long, and Rene Rochester.

Musically, it looks like Gungor and Shane and Shane (a youth worker conference staple it seems) will hit the stage during the weekend.

This year’s conventions will take place in two locations…
San Diego, CA: October 12-14, 2012, and
Dallas, TX: November 16-18, 2012.

I’m actually surprised to see both conventions taking place so far west. For years there has always been one west coast and one east coast. But with one in Cali, and one in the big “D”, that’s quite a hike for us east coast guys.

Last year, YS changed the format of the convention, shortening the stay by a day or so. The hope was to make the convention a little more affordable and appealing. This year, it looks like they’re keeping that format, hosting youth workers over a weekend, including Thursday pre-convention options. Most of the convention is focused on Friday and Saturday, with the convention wrap up taking place late afternoon on Sunday.

Price wise, if you can take advantage of the Super Early deadline, you’ll save $99, paying only $289 for your registration. Returning alumni will will pay $269. Miss the deadlines and you’ll pay upwards to $379.

What I can’t tell from the website is if the pre-covention options are part of the registration fee or not. In the past, these option required an extra payment. I’ll have to check with YS to see what’s what. In the meantime, if you’re interested in pre-convention be sure to check about extra fees.

I’ll check in with YS in the weeks to come and keep you posted on any updates or announcements that YS makes.

And be sure to visit the National Youth Workers Convention website at!

– jay

2 thoughts on “National Youth Workers Convention 2012

    • Not a problem, Chris. I love talking about the ministries who have influence my own ministry. YS and NYWC were there when I was cutting my teeth. I’m watching to see where you guys are heading for the future. Keep me in the loop as you guys announce speakers, artist, and seminars, I’d love to promo and write about them!

      – jay


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