YWTD #41 – Pause for the Unexpected, Unplanned, Unforgettable.

Tip: Pause for the Unexpected, Unplanned, and Unforgettable.

Some of my favorite times spent with students are the unexpected, unplanned, unforgettable moments that come with the simplest of things. Their moments that happen when we pause and we do what we love doing the most, spending time with our students.

This weekend, at Sunday school, I took a few minutes to sit and simply talk with two students who, I don’t always get a chance to talk with. Often in the rush of Sunday mornings; worship, teaching, greeting, sound booth management, and all the other things we as youth workers find ourselves doing every Sunday meeting. But it was great to sit down and catch up.

Too often we fall into the trap of ministry. It’s easy to focus on the students who respond well with your personality, or are outgoing, or share your interests, or easily to connect with. But we all have the students who sit off to the side, keep to themselves, and watch all that’s going on around them. If we are not careful, we can miss those students.

But sometimes, these are the students who provide the unexpected, unplanned, and unforgettable moments. These are the students who remind us of why we got into the youth ministry in the first place. These are the students that at the end of the day, as we reflect on all that we did, we find a reason to smile.

Next time you find yourself in the middle of your youth function, pause and take a few seconds to scan the room. Look for those students who are on the outside. Then step aside and go talk with these students. It might just make your day.

– jay

2 thoughts on “YWTD #41 – Pause for the Unexpected, Unplanned, Unforgettable.

  1. Man, such a good reminder. This past weekend instead of running around trying to make sure everything is all ready before service, I got to stop and talk to a student who I saw by himself. It was his first time, and got to connect with him. Who knows, if i didnt stop, he could have walked out of there not connecting with anyone and maybe would not come back because of that. Such a great reminder.


    • More times than not, it’s those little moments when we force ourselves to stop and look around when God’s still calm voice says, talk to him.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing a comment, Justin!

      – jay


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