YWTD #39 – Confess Your Sins

Tip: Confess Your Sin.

This one hurts. But I think it might be one of those things we too often overlook.

Every day we walk through the life of a youth worker, one called to teach, preach, and live a godly life. But I wonder how many of us forget the one thing most important; our own personal relationship with God.

I have to admit, it’s easy to get caught up in the “work” of God. We can fill our days with the busyness of “being” a pastor. But in doing so, we lose touch with who we were first called to be, a child of the Living God.

Why not make that connection again. And let’s begin with this, confessing your sins before the Lord. In the fast paced life of youth ministry, I often fly through my prayer time without truly taking the time to pause and seek God’s forgiveness. I know it’s less painful to just lump them together and seek a blanket forgiveness. But the Bible calls us to speak specifically of our sins, naming them, and repenting for them. When was the last time you stepped into that painful place as you sought God’s mercy and grace. It’s not a place we like to go, but it’s something we need to do.

This is a place of absolute humility, shame, and guilt. A place where our deepest, darkest, most painful sins have been stored up. This is the place where God need to come and shine his light.

So schedule some time this week where you can get on you knees and lower your face, and confess the sins of your life to God. No matter how painful it might be, God’s mercy is deep enough and his love rich enough to forgive all.

How awesome is that?


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