YWTD #38 – Take a Student to Breakfast

Tip: Take a Student to Breakfast.

As youth workers, we are always looking for extra time to be with our students. But if your student’s schedules are anything like my student’s schedules, finding that extra time is challenging. Afternoons are filled with clubs, sports, games, and practices. Evenings packed with homework, small groups, part-time jobs, and late games. Time is limited.

Try taking a student to breakfast. I know that most students don’t like getting up in the morning, much less getting up earlier than they have too. But offer to pick them up, buy them breakfast, and drop them off at school, and they just might say yes!

This past march, while at the SYMC in KY, I was amazed by how many of the speakers/youth workers shared how their youth pastors would take them to breakfast and how much of an impact it made on their lives. It wasn’t the breakfast that left the impression, but the fact that the youth pastor took the initiative to schedule the weekly gatherings as a time for relationship building, Bible study, accountability, and encouragement. These added up to be significant time in the lives of the students.

We have the ability to influence and minister to students in unique and special ways; even at 6:00 a.m. Take advantage of those unusual hours and spend time with a student or two. Some of my favorite breakfast spots; Eat n Park – they have a great breakfast buffet, King’s Restaurant – crazy good omelets, and Subway – amazing breakfast sandwiches (and all month of April you can buy one 6″ breakfast sandwich and get a second 6″ sandwich for free! Good for the belly and the budget!!).


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