Kiwanis Little League Baseball News – 4.26.12

It’s baseball season here in Somerset. That means, it’s time for the Kiwanis to defend the 2011 championship. I’m going to try to post the teams updates as much as possible. So to the Higham family, check in often or subscribe to see how #2 and the team does.

Wednesday, April 25th game recap. As per the Daily American Sports Brief, 4.26.12

Kiwanis 12, Saylor’s 5

SOMERSET — Nate Higham and Tyler Sherbine each tripled and singled to help Kiwanis defeat Saylor’s 12-5 in Somerset Little League action Wednesday.

Brady Chabol, Spencer Marteeny and Peyton Marteeny each had two singles, Phil Hinebaugh doubled and singled and Jack Schrock doubled for the Kiwanis squad.

Higham and Sherbine combined for seven strikeouts.

Luke Wagner and Max Leasock combined for six strikeouts for Saylor’s. Leasock and Troy Emert led Saylor’s with a double and a single.


This was game 2 of the season. We lost the opening day game.
So the Kiwanis are 2 in, .500 with 1 win and 1 lose. Our next game is on Sunday, April 29th, at 2 p.m.

– jay

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