YWTD #36 – Trust That God is Big Enough

Tip: Trust that God is Big Enough.

While I am not a full Type “A”, I do exhibit signs; so I would say I’m about 85 -90% Type “A.” What that means is, there are certain things I like to have done in a certain way. This can be a helpful trait, especially when it comes to ministry and the responsibilities that often come with working for or in the church. Being organized and prepared is something that goes a long way when you are presenting Christ.

Along with serving as the youth pastor, I am responsible for the worship media each week. This includes the graphic work, programming, sound, staging, set-up and anything else A/V related. Some weeks it’s an easy thing. Other weeks it eats up my time. This past weekend was Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is usually a biggy for us. It’s the precursor to Easter, the largest attended service in the American church.

At our church, Palm Sunday comes with all the traditional celebrations associated with the day. On top of that we have special music involving the choir, the children, musicians, and instruments. This Sunday was no exception, except that I wouldn’t be there. Nor, did I know all that was happening. So this week was absolute torture as I tried to get things ready before my upcoming weekend trip out of town. By the time I left the office on Thursday, I was pretty stressed out. Why? Because I don’t like knowing that things aren’t ready for worship come Sunday morning. But at this point, there was nothing further I could do.

This weekend, I left it all in the hands of God. I trusted that he was big enough to do the things I wasn’t able to do. In this case it was trusting that the media team volunteers working the sound booth this weekend were capable of setting up properly, running the sound well, and tearing it all down. While it was hard for me not to worry about it, I trusted that God was in control.

I have to admit, I did find myself checking my iPhone a couple of times to make sure I didn’t miss a call for help. But there were none. No calls, no messages, no cries for help. God is in control. Of all things. Even the media and sound.

So, take a step back. Remember, you are just one person in the kingdom. God is in control. And He is big enough.

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