Married for Life Part 1b

The Lesson…
There are three things we see happening in these verse as it pertains to marriage.

Marriage Comes from God!
It is very clear in these verses that God created the idea of marriage for the purpose of the man and the woman completing each other. God saw that the man needed something more. It was God who determined to provide a suitable helper for the man. It was God who created the woman. It was God who brought the woman to the man. It was God who gave her hand over to the man. It was God who gave his approval and authority over the union.

Marriage is not something created out of convenience, for tax breaks, for amusement, or to relieve a father of the responsibility of provide for their child. It’s not by mans design, nor is it something that should be done without the careful consideration, counsel, instruction, and mentoring. Nor is it something that should be done in the absence of God’s presence and authority. Just as God was in the presence of the man and the woman at that first wedding, so to should he be in the presence of our marriages.

Marriage is for A Man and A Woman!
In Genesis 2, the writer provides us with a picture of what the marital relationship looks like. Simply put, marriage is between a man and a woman. God created the man. Then God created the woman to accompany the man. If it was meant to be any other way, God would have done it that way.

But more than that, marriage comes with specific commands; ordinance that a husband and wife are to follow as they fulfill the purpose of marriage. Genesis 1:28 says, “That we are to be fruitful and increase in number…” Together the husband and wife are to first produce fruit, that is they are to work within each others life in such a way as to build the other up. It’s completing the other so that they are able to fulfill the call and purpose that God has placed on their lives.

The second is that we increase in number. As husband and wife, we are to produce children, as much as we are able. Children are not only the product of a husband and a wife’s love for each other, but part of the marriage commitment. We were made to have children. It was God’s design and intent that a husband and a wife come together to produce children.

Marriage Was Meant to Last a Life Time.
The creation of the woman for the man was God’s way of providing a helper for life. The woman was exactly what the man needed. She was meant to meet the needs and desires of the man, fulfilling him both physically and emotionally. And because she was the perfect fit for him, he too served to meet every need the woman had.

In this, there would be no need to seek out another. There was no other. The man and the woman completed each other. In Genesis 1:26-28, on day six of the creation story, we God create the man and the woman in a less detail account. But at the end of the day, God looks and see what has been created and determines that it is good. In other words, it was the way it should be. In that place and at that time, when all was good and right, before sin and the curse, God brought the man and the woman together and he married them. And the words of Genesis 2:24, “and be united to his wife, and they will be become flesh.” means that they were truly one and can and should, never be separated again.

Marriage is meant to last a life time. Spiritually speaking, it’s a covenant, an agreement which two people, a man and a woman enter into together. Jesus himself confirms this for us in Mark 10:6-9. He says, “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ 7 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8 and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Naked and Unashamed…
Marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s a gift from God, to his children. The closing verse in Genesis chapter 2, ends with these words,

“25 The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

The man and his wife, not a woman, not simply a female who happened to pass by, but his wife, were both naked and felt no shame.

Marriage is a place where the husband and his wife are given the total freedom to be who God made them to be. It’s a relationship where mutual trust, love, care, support, strengthen, and intimacy find every reason to be part of their life together. Marriage is for the full expression of love between the husband and the wife as they enjoy a passionate sexual relationship. No other relationship allows that kind of intimacy, and yet it’s in marriage that we find some of the greatest joys of this life.

I don’t know what kind of marriage you might have. And as I confessed at the begin of this, I don’t subscribe to the idea that I have marriage all figured out. But what I do know, is that marriage is meant to be so much more than we give it credit to be. And if we were to embrace what the Bible says about marriage and all that comes with it in ways of expectations, responsibilities, and commitments, I know, that God would bless our marriages and we would experience not just the richness of the love between husband and wife, but we would experience the deep richness of God love for us.

Can I give you some homework for this week? Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult. What I’d like you to do this week is to simply set aside some time with your spouse. If nothing else this might be a great excuse for a date night this week. But get together and ask each other these three simple questions…

1. Why did we get married? – In other words, what in your dating relationship led you to the point where you said I want this woman/man to be my husband/wife?

2. What grade would you give to your marriage today? – How would you grade your relationship as husband and wife? And why?

3. What do you love about your marriage? – What aspects about your relationship right now, bring you joy when you think about them?

Now if you are not married, don’t feel left out, because I have some questions for you.

1. Why do you want to get married?

2. What expectations do you have as you think about the marriage you want to someday have?

3. What kind of a husband/wife do you want to be?

Let’s close in prayer.

– jay

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