YWTD #32 – Get to Know Five Below

Tip: Visit Five Below for some great deals!

I remember when dollar stores hit the scene. These stores were a treasure trove of fun and cheap stuff. I would hit our local dollar at least once a week, usually for prizes and props for games. And it was the first place I went before a big retreat. Dollar stores were awesome. But their cheap stuff got cheap.

But just recently I was introduced to a new store; Five Below. Maybe you’re already familiar with Five Below, perhaps not. So let me share just a bit about Five Below.

Five Below is the next generation dollar store. The idea behind the store is everything for under five dollars. This store is packed with all sorts of cool little items. Sports stuff, media, crafts, candy, party, room, and style. Who knows what you might find! Last weekend I picked up so mini basketballs for $4 ea. and a couple mini gym balls for $3 ea. I can’t wait to use them with two upcoming games with my students.

Try Five Below. It really is a neat little store! http://www.fivebelow.com. Find a store near you; http://www.fivebelow.com/store-locator/


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