He’s My King – Easter Eve Message, Pt 1

This Sunday was a morning like no other morning. The events of the last four days filled their minds as they slowly came to grips with what had just happening. Just a week ago, he enter Jerusalem to shouts of exclamation. Cheers as though a conquering king had returned from some great battle. The city was alive with celebration. But then it all changed.

Following the evening meal, he led his followers to a familiar place. A garden. It was one of his favorite places to go. While they were there, the temple guards came and arrested him. They led him to the temple where he was questioned. False accusations were made. Lies. There was a feeling of hate in the air. They slapped him. Punched him. Beat him repeatedly.

They took him to Pilate, the ruling Roman official for the region. A large crowd gathered, and before anyone knew, they were shouting that he be crucified. Now they sit in a room behind a locked door while Confusion, Fear, Anger, and Loss dominated them.

Confusion because they thought he was the one. The one the Old Testament called the Messiah, a king to sit on David’s throne forever.

They feared they might be next. You know how it goes, guilty by association.

Anger gripped them as they realized they gave up 3 years to follow him. They left their homes, jobs, and families. Now they have nothing.

They lost a friend. A mentor. Someone they had come to know and love. Now he was gone.

No, it was not a morning like other mornings. Their world has been turned upside down.

And the only question in their minds was, “What do we do now?”

For us Easter morning is a morning that should be like no other morning. Unlike the followers of Jesus 2000 years ago, we have reason to celebrate. We have reason to rejoice. We have reason to live.

The Bible gives us an incredibly detailed account of the death of Jesus. At the beginning of what we call the New Testament, there are four books. We refer to these books as the Gospels, because the provide us the Good News of Jesus; his birth, life, ministry, and death. If you were to read each book by itself, you would notice that each is just a little different. But that’s good, because we can use these differences to construct a better, more complete picture of Jesus’ life. But what I love is that each of these four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all speak to the resurrection of Christ after his death on the cross.

Let’s look at John 20:1-9, and see how John tells the story. John 20:1-9.

*Join us tomorrow for part 2 of, My King.

– jay

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