YWTD #22 – Repost

Tip: Organize Your Day/Week/Month.

Yesterday, I shared how I make a list of tasks and how I prioritize each task. The next step I take is to organize my week. I block out my time, a lesson learned from Doug Fields (PDYM). I look at my week and set aside specific time to work on each task.

Usually I reserve the early morning hours for study, reading, and message prep. Some days I spend one hour, other days it’s two or three. Next I block in the items that have high priority. These are the things that might have a deadline. Then i block in the remaining items, remembering that this are flex times. Flex time is time that is flexible. No we’re not bending time. Flex time are blocks of time that can be reassigned if need be. For example, I may have set aside an hour in the after to work on the schedule for the retreat in two months, but I receive a call to meet with a student who needs to talk. Flex time allows me to shift the item to another time or day so I can meet with that student. And for me, this helps me stay organized and on track with what needs to get done.

It doesn’t take much to get organized, but it does help you when you are asked to account for how spent your time. You can use a simple calendar/planner. Most computers come with software that allows you to record your activities. Google Calendar is another option. Cell phones also have calendars that you use. PDS, Smartphones, tablets; the options are almost too numerous to list.

I suggest you find what works best for you and use it. Being organized is a great way to keep track of the amazing ministry that God has blessed you with.

– jay

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