YWTD #13 – Repost

Tip: Grab a cup of good coffee and sit down to…

I started drinking coffee in 2001. My first cup was a French Vanilla Latte at a Starbucks while attending a youth ministry conference. After seeing hallways filled with youth workers sipping coffee, a caved to the pressures and was hooked. And for a long time, my drink of choice was the French Vanilla Latte. (Not very manly, I know.)

Feeling more and more confident about my “coffee” drinking (and feeling like I needed to man up a bit) I started experimenting with different flavors. Now I’m no coffee guru, (I’d concede that honor perhaps to my friend Andy Brazelton at Simply Youth Ministry. Pretty sure he gets his coffee via IV.) I do know what I like. But I’m not a coffee junkie. I’m more of a social coffee drinker. Here’s why.

Sipping a good cup of coffee causes you to slow down, take a pause, even relax. I have found enjoyment in the occasional cup of coffee and a book. Or a cup of coffee and good conversation. Or a cup of coffee and my quiet time. Or even a cup of coffee while prepping a message. I try to visit more local Starbucks at least once a week to do one of the above. It’s something about being able to step away from the business of ministry and slow down just a bit. Whether it’s time for you, time to study, time to read, or time to build relationship, a cup of coffee just seems right.

So, go and grab a cup of your favorite brew and slow down a bit, read a good book, spend some time with a student one-on-one, or just take a few minutes to reflect on your day.

My favorite cup of joe? Well, I still don’t care much for coffee, so my no. one drink is a White Chocolate Mocha. Perhaps not as manly as coffee, black, but it works for me. And I only drink it at Starbucks. I know, I’m a snob that way.

– jay

ps…While this might sound like an endorsement for Starbucks, it’s not. I do love the coffee and the atmosphere and really the only place I drink coffee.

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