What Do I Do with My Gifts?

Today we continue our discussion on Ministry. As I was preparing and studying for this weekends message, I came across these simple steps for recognizing and using your gifts.

We all have gifts. And God wants us to use the our gifts for His glory and purpose.

Tip 1: All Gifts come from God…
– It’s important for us to recognize that God is the giver of all gifts, talents, and abilities. We are who we are because God has made us this way. Our interests, passions, talents; all of these come from the Creator.

Tip 2: We don’t all have the same Gifts…
– You are gifted to be you. I am gifted to be me. The purpose God has for you is different than the purpose He has for me. If we all did the same thing, the church couldn’t function properly. Your gifts are special to you.

Tip 3: Know what your Gift(s) are…
– Do you know what your gifts are? Some people do know what their gifts are, but many don’t. But your gift isn’t a secret that you wait for. Ask God what your gifts are. He’ll let you know. Chances are you know what you were created for, you just haven’t recognized it as your gift.

Tip 4: Give your Gift to God for His Use…
– They may be gifts given to you, but they weren’t meant to be kept to yourself. Give your gifts back to God and let Him use you AND your gifts to accomplish the work He is calling you to do!

Tip 5: Use your Gifts wholeheartedly…
– Once you know your gift, USE IT! There is nothing like knowing that you are doing the things that God created you to do! Use your gifts! And experience the joy of serving God!

More to come tomorrow!

– jay

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