Discipleship is…Time with God

Discipleship is part of the Christian life. We know that. But what does discipleship look like?

I want to share with you some simple tools that will help you develop a life of discipleship.

Tool #1: Spending Time with God.
How much time do you spend with God? No, you can’t count worship. How much time do you spend with God. Let me help you qualify what I mean by time spent with God. When I think about time spent with God, I mean time spent alone with God. No distractions. No agenda’s. No point of order. Just you and God.

What does this time look like? It’s you talking with God. It’s you listen to God. It’s thinking on a small selection of Scripture. If you like to journal, create a journal of prayers, thanksgivings, praises, and thoughts about what’s happening in your relationship with God. Sing a song. Sing to songs. Sing fifteen songs!

Spending time with God is just that, spending time with God.

This week, try to set aside some time where you can disconnect from the rest of the world and just be in the presence of God. Talk with Him. Listen for Him. And enjoy the time you have with your Father!

– jay

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