SYMC – A Conference for Real Ministry

This week, the internet has been peppered with blog posts from SYMC fans, sharing all sorts of things about the Simply Youth Ministry Conference (SYMC). With the conference only a few weeks away, people are getting excited. And for good reason.

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is by far, one of it not the best conferences for youth workers. Sure that sounds like an opinion, and it is. But I’m not new to the conference scene. I have attended youth worker conferences for over 12 years, even serving on staff with some of them. and none of those years have impacted me the way my years at SYMC have.

My first SYMC was in 2010, and it rocked me, right to my soul. Never have I been reduced to tears in a general session the way I was at that conference. They weren’t tears brought on by emotional stories of youth workers sacrificing for the sake of their students and ministries. These were tears of brokenness as a realized that God wanted something more from my life. He wanted to heal the hurts, renew the call, and demonstrate His redeeming love in my life.

Ministry had become a routine for me and not a passion. It had been a tough year and I was questioning my call, my career, and what was next. But God used Rick Lawrence’s morning devotions to break through and speak into my life. Like I said, never have a cried like that at a conference. God was revealing Himself to me and I was weeping like a baby. It was one of the most exciting moments of my career.

For me, SYMC is about real ministry and caring for those who live the ministry out in their lives. There’s not a lot of hype. There is little spectacle. No dog and pony show. Sure it’s a conference, but it’s a different kind of conference. They call it “The Conference By Youth Workers, For Youth Workers” and truly it is. From everyone at Group and Simply Youth Ministry who runs the show to the army of “In The Trench” youth workers who volunteer their time to help plan, organize and lead the conference, the key values of SYMC are lived out and evident in everything that happens during those four days of heaven on earth.

If you have not registered for this years conference, what are you waiting for? Time is running out and space is quickly filling up. Register for the 2012 Simply Youth Ministry Conference, and rediscover the call to love students!

There is a special discount available to anyone who registers prior to Monday, January 16, 2012, so click over to the conference website and register!

– jay

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