Jotham’s Journey An Advent Favorite

One of our favorite Advent traditions is to read an Advent book. Last year we read Jotham’s Journey, by Arnold Ytreeide.

It’s a story of a young boy who gets separated from his family and experiences a journey that changes his life. The adventures are exciting and graphic and a picture of life at the time of Christ. Each day the journey continues as Jotham tries to find his family while staying alive. At the end of each day’s reading, Arnold breaks the story down with a relevant and practical application for each member of the family.

The book itself is a little trick to find. For it awhile, it was almost impossible to locate. But it is now available again! Because of the nature of the story, this book is ideal for families with children between the ages of 6 and 12. At parts the story becomes intense and a little scary. So for younger readers it might be too much. As an adult, I find myself completely enraptured by Jotham’s adventure and disappointed when the daily reading is over. It really is an exciting book with a wonderfully brilliant ending.

You can purchase Jotham’s Journey, with a quick click of this link, Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent. And be sure to visit the book store at The book store is filled with some of my favorite books, resources, and tools for ministry and life!

Merry Christmas!

– jay

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